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by orthós*

physiotherapy by orthós* GmbH

am Wittenbergplatz
Ansbacher Straße 17–19
10787 Berlin

Opening hours

Montag–Freitag von 7.00 bis 21.00 Uhr
und nach individueller Vereinbarung

Public Transport

U-Bahn Wittenbergplatz: U1, U2, U3
Bus: M19, M29, M46


Telefon: 030/780 99 88 63
Telefax: 030/780 99 88 65


Welcome to the training centre
physiotherapy by orthós* in Berlin

In our spacious training center, we offer you systematic training with individual medical supervision and special comfort. In our 350 square meter space awaits you a unique range of machines.
This includes the most modern computer- supported training equipment, an equipment line with biofeedback system. A back section with special gear for back training according to FPZ as well as power Plate training and Red Cord Training.

Our services

Physiotherapy on the machines

Physiotherapy on the machines is a machine supported training therapy, which is used especially after operations, injuries and for chronic pain. The aim of the therapy is to improve strength, coordination, endurance and mobility of the person exercising.

Power Plate

Power Plate is a whole-body training device that uses a special acceleration technique to trigger muscle reflexes in all body zones. The technique was originally developed for space travel to counteract the regression of astronauts’ muscles and bones due to weightlessness.


We use different massage techniques such as classical massage therapy, acupuncture massage, reflexology and connective tissue massage.



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